Trouble in Christmas Town

The Story

Join Santa and his two friends Rudolph and Filly in 24 Advent chapters on an adventurous journey across the North Pole, to save Christmas Day!

Far up north, hidden by icy see and snowy mountains, lies Christmas Town. The most important celebration of the year is just a few days away, when something unforseen brings trouble to Santa and his friends. In the middle of a cold December night, a nifty thief sneaks into the elf workshop and steals Christmas Town's most valuable treasure! When Santa receives the unfortunate news late at night it's already too late – the mysterious thief and his stolen good are already miles away.

Everybody in Christmas Town is worried about all the kids, eagerly awaiting their presents. This stolen item is the secret that makes Santa's annual journey around the world possible! As long as their magical treasure is missing, Chrstimas Day is in danger! Eager to quickly find the thief, Santa, Rudolph and Filly embark on a rescue mission and meet many elfs and animals on their journey across the North Pole. Will they be able to make it in time, or will Christmas have to be cancelled this year?

The Characters

Santa Claus

Santa Clause is the head of Christmas Town, where he lives together with many friends. He spends eleven of the twelve months every year preparing for his big journey, when he flies out Christmas presents around the world.

Although he’s probably the most famous celebrity in the world, lots of grown-ups don’t believe he exists (anymore). But that’s totally fine with Santa - this way he hasn’t got to write so many autographs all the time!

Filly the Elf

Filly is Santa’s oldest and best friend and his personal assistant. A long time ago he and Santa founded Christmas Town together, and since then Filly is in charge of organizing everything for the annual Christmas journey.

The little elf might look very young, but in fact he’s really ancient and wise. Nobody knows exactly how old though. It’s impossible getting elves to reveal their age – they stubbornly insist that you’re always as old as you feel inside.

Rudolph the Reindeer

Rudolph is the leader of the nine flying reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh every year around the globe. When they’re not on Christmas duty, the reindeer often enjoy flying out mail and parcels across the North Pole.

Even tough Rudolph and Filly sometimes squabble with each other, they’re very good friends and like to meet with Santa every Sunday in the town’s finest restaurant, the Enchanted Elf Inn, for some milk and cookies.


Interest level 5+ | Reading Age 10+
iOS, Android
No Adds | No In-App Purchases

Advent Calendar &
Interactive Book

Every day during Advent, one of the 24 doors will unlock. But if you’re just too curious to wait, it’s possible to break a door’s lock early.

24 Chapters
Read or Listen

Every day of the Advent calendar includes one chapter of the story inside the reading area, as text for reading, and as audiobook (about 5 min per day).

Tap around and explore

Hidden in every picture you’ll find cute animations and sound effects. Click on the magnifier icon to find out if you missed something.

Mini Game:
What is it?

If you find the hidden item in every picture, the Christmas scene on the start screen will slowly complete itself. The star icon helps you with a hint.

Explore the North Pole

Join Santa Claus on his journey and get to know many of the elves working in Christmas town, and cute animals living all across the North Pole.


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Developer:Ploonymoon Studios

Based in:Augsburg, Germany

Available at:App Store, Google Play, Amazon



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Trouble in Christmas Town is an Advent calendar and interactive book app, complete with audiobook – available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. In the course of 24 chapters it tells the adventurous and funny story of Santa Claus and his friends, who are on a mission to save Christmas Day. Each chapter is illustrated by a colourful, hand-drawn picture, and includes christmassy background music, as well as many hidden sounds and animations that can be explored by tapping on the screen. Additionally, one collectable item is hidden in every scene. As soon as the item is collected, a missing part of the start screen will appear, until the picture is completed on Christmas Day. The book and audiobook for every chapter are accessible via an extendable reading area with adjustable font size. This way the app can be a wonderful experience to read, play, and listen to during Advent time, and a great Christmas activity for kids from ages 5 upward, as well as the whole family.

Story Summary

Far up north, hidden by snowy mountains, lies Christmas Town. Just days before the most important celebration of the year is about to happen, a nifty thief brings trouble to Santa and his friends. In the middle of a cold Decembers’ night he gets his hands on Christmas Towns’ biggest treasure and disappears with it. Now Santa and his friends got to hurry! They have to catch the thief before it’s too late. Without the treasure they’re not able to make their annual journey around the world!

Together with Filly the elf and Rudolph the reindeer, Santa embarks on an adventurous search for the mysterious thief that leads them across the North Pole. Will they be able to find the treasure in time – or will Christmas have to be cancelled this year?!


Trouble in Christmas Town is an app by Ploonymoon Studios GbR – a young team of two from Germany, who specialize in the development of original apps with high quality artwork, as inspiring little adventures for kids and the whole family.


  • 24 illustrated story chapters to read, play or listen to
  • Including 120 min audiobook
  • Perfect as Advent bedtime story for kids:
    about 5 min of story each day
  • Reading area with adjustable font size
  • Christmas music, animations and sounds to explore in every picture
  • Beautifully hand-crafted and colourful artwork
  • Mini game:
    collect the secret item in every picture and build up a Christmas scene
  • For iOS and Android tablets and smartphones
  • Interest Level: 5+ | Reading Age: 10+
  • Save for kids: no adds, no in-app purchases

Screenshots & Colouring Pictures

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Reading area, chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 17
Colouring Picture, Chapter 2
Colouring Picture, Chapter 3