Trouble in Christmas Town

An interactive Christmas Story

with 24 Advent chapters

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For iPhone and iPad
For Android devices
For Android and KindleFire

A colourful, interactive Christmas story and an Advent calendar for kids and the young at heart. Including book and audiobook!

  • Find the hidden item in every picture to complete the Christmas scene on the start screen
  • 24 chapters with lovely hand-drawn illustrations
  • Tap around and discover funny sounds and animations
  • Including 120 min audiobook
  • Reading area with adjustable font size
  • For tablet und smartphone mobile devices
  • Interest Level: 5+ | Reading Age: 10+

Accompany Santa and his friends on an exciting Christmas adventure across the North Pole!

Far up north, hidden by snowy mountains, lies Christmas Town. Just days before the most important celebration of the year is about to happen, a nifty thief brings trouble to Santa and his friends. In the middle of a cold Decembers’ night he gets his hands on Christmas Towns’ biggest treasure and disappears with it. Now Santa and his friends got to hurry! They have to catch the thief before it’s too late. Without the treasure they’re not able to make their annual journey around the world!

Together with Filly the elf and Rudolph the reindeer, Santa embarks on an adventurous search for the mysterious thief that leads them across the North Pole. Will they be able to find the treasure in time – or will Christmas have to be cancelled this year?!

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Edwin and the Forest of Magic

An interactive riddle adventure

– In development –

Join Edwin the raven on a fantastic adventure across the mysterious Forest of Magic and explore ancient secrets, inspired by northern mythologies and legends of the Vikings.

The morning after the big annual feast in your village, you awake from a dreamless sleep. Soon you have to discover that all other villagers have mysteriously vanished. All but Edwin, the village elders' black raven.

Now it's your quest to find out what happened here!

With the help of Edwin you embark on a mission to find all your family and friends and solve the mystery of their disappearance. Your exciting journey leads you far into the depths of the Forest of Magic and the legendary secrets it holds...

Edwin and the Forest of Magic is currently in development. These are some of the features you can look forward to in the app:

  • Solve riddles and small puzzles to reveal the forest's secrets
  • Exciting dialogues with fantastic creatures
  • Beautiful atmospheric scenes with hand-drawn illustrations
  • Explore hidden animations and sounds
  • For tablet und smartphone devices
  • Interest Level: 8+

About us

We are Johanna and Evelin - a joung developer team based in Germany, who create original, interactive apps and stories for kids.

Little Adventures

We like to create inspiring little adventures that let you delve into new worlds, jumpstart your creativity, help you to relax, and just add some colour and joy to your day.

Hand-drawn Magic

It’s espescially important to us, that all our artwork is unique and high quality – that’s why everything you see in our apps is created by hand, with pen and pencil. And of course with lot’s of <3.

For Kids and co.

Our apps and stories are created for different age groups of kids from about 5 to 10 years. But don’t forget: Grown-ups too, are allowed to let their inner child play now and then!

The Team

From first draft, to Game Design, to publishing, all our products are developed as a real team effort. Additionally, we all add our flavour with some main tasks:


Code and Words

Evelin’s main task is the programming and publishing of the apps, and the writing of all texts and dialogues for the stories.


Visuals and Art

Johanna’s main tasks are the development and creation of all artworks and characters, and the design of the apps’ UI-elements.


Supporting Monster

Ploony’s main task is looking good and smiling. From time to time he also likes taking a nightly walk in the moonlight.


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